The highly sought-after, $271 Jodphur wedge by Minimarket
The highly sought-after, $271 Jodphur wedge by Minimarket

[Trendzilla] Spring Hopes are Eternal

Spring Hopes? Eternal

So now that we’re experiencing unseasonal warmth—while the rest of the United States is experiencing all-too-seasonal un-warmth (all together now: ha-ha!)—it’s time to talk some spring 2010 trends.

Sure it’s kind of gross how “the industry” forecasts this for us general public saps months and months ahead of time, but hey, like brainless hordes, we comply, even if subconsciously so. No matter what you might think, they’re the ones deciding what images we’re bombarded with, what clothing to surround us with, what colors to wear, what cuts to buy.

Anyway, what they’re also saying is: The recession might not have run its complete course yet, but if there’s one thing you do for the upcoming spring, it should be to buy one flashy, brilliant item. Which isn’t exactly the most realistic piece of advice for you and me.

A giant sapphire cocktail ring probably won’t work at the office or while wrangling kids on the weekends. Nor would a sparkly Prada chandelier dress work out so well.

A few sensible suggestions for spring 2010:

• That whole thing about recessions and hemlines? Still not true this time around. Hemlines have been proven to drop farther and farther south during times of financial hardship, but miniskirts and nearly ass-baring shorts? Still clinging tight. (Sorry.)

• Sparkles, glitter, shiny stuff: Still big. Whether it's on a clutch, socks or adorning your basic flats, it's a reliable, simple way to liven up an outfit.

• Clogs: Seriously. With Chanel, Céline and Louis Vuitton all sending clogs with chunky wooden heels with studded trims down the runway, this footwear seems to be making a big comeback from its (first) revival heyday in the early ’90s. The good thing: Things haven't changed much, with Chanel especially sticking to classic, sky-high styles echoing ’70s trends. Pair them with just about anything, from sweet, Lolita-esque dresses to skinny jeans and boyfriend blazers.

• Those scared of color, weep with me: Summer 2010 will be a season of washed-out, delicate pastels. Nude, also in. Soft blues, peaches and sheer chiffons were all common on the runways, including those for Stella McCartney, Fendi, Jonathan Saunders.

• Versatile chambray and denim trends are still carrying over from last spring/summer, another echo of the ’70s—the trashy ’80s comeback couldn't have ended sooner. Look for simple button-ups, dresses or even jumpsuits—another trend sticking around—if you're feeling brave.

• Laaaastly: extreme wedges! Though kitten heels are making their way back, giant wedge footwear always makes its perennial presence known when the weather gets warmer. Givenchy had big, black leather wedges; Proenza Schouler featured creative shapes and neon accents; Dior made them pretty and pastel pink.


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