[Trendzilla] Skanky Club Clothing vs. Classy-But-Still-Hot, Plus the Re-Emergence of the Star Trend

Seems like every Friday and Saturday night, twentysomethings—and quite possibly thirtysomethings—take to the clubs in what they think is their best outfit (of the week).

First, they wander into the Forever 21s, Charlotte Russes, H&M junior miss sections and Wet Seals, and pick up just about anything that ties here, sparkles there and shows off . . . that.

And then they go on to either A) pay up to two grand just so they can sit at a private VIP table with a bottle of Grey Goose that could've been purchased at Albertson's just minutes beforehand for thirtysomething dollars; B) wait in a line that snakes around the block to stand in a club full of the same gross, underdressed people they just stood in line with (but now they're sweaty); or C) receive instant, free entry into said club just because they're female.

(Side note: Have you ever thought about how demeaning this is? You're essentially being used by club owners as sex-bait fodder to entice pervy breeders. And all because you have a vagina. And do you really want to tell everyone you met your fiancé when Paris Hilton hosted a night at Sutra? C'mon now.)

The girls all usually end up looking the same, anyway: textureless, highlighted long hair that reaches the top of their bum—overly curled with their 1.5-inch Revlon barrel or stick straight; solid-colored cotton jersey (or some sort of rayon-polyester blend) frock that drapes here and there, with a peephole or two in the "right spots." These types of digs usually are sold as tunics, yet girls seem to think it's fine to go pantsless in public for no more than $29.99 at their store of choice.

It's rare to see someone young manage to preserve sophistication and attractiveness during a night on the town—like our gal here. Wearing a strapless Diane von Furstenburg gold star-print on black number, the dress hugs the curves and exudes not only elegance, but also von Furstenburg's stylish practicality, while still showing plenty of skin.

The star print is especially noteworthy: One of my favorite trends of the season, the look speaks to spring's affinity for prints. The shape recently only affiliated with toddlers and Hot Topic shoppers invaded the runways of both Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. While Lagerfeld played with white stars-and-stripes separates at Chanel, YSL chose to go in a bolder direction, with overstated cut-outs to adorn jewelry, belts, strappy sandals, even an entire chest plate of vibrant chained-together stars and corporal insignias. The collection is said to be inspired by a 1989 YSL make-up ad campaign where the model wore oversized, rhinestone star earrings.

It's a good way to incorporate some innocence into your outfits—but be careful to not overdo it, lest you want to look like one of those suckers who got the thick black star outline tattoos in 2002.


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