[Trendzilla] She Loves It Not
Keith May

[Trendzilla] She Loves It Not

I think I’m okay with not receiving a hastily procured, plastic-wrapped bouquet of supermarket roses this Valentine’s Day. The holiday probably stopped being fun sometime soon after high school, when Hello Kitty cards with perforated edges lost any kind of significance and one finally stopped to question just why this one delegated day of the year should be so significant in a relationship.

And do grown men and women really like the mass-produced products covered in squicky, naked, winged babies and fuzzy animals and hearts?

There’s a moratorium this year on the holiday with the boyfriend and me—no cards, no flowers, nothing. Fancy dinners or flowers any random day would mean a ton more.

Yeah, you’re right: Hating Valentine’s Day is every bit as cliché as celebrating it. But I’m totally okay with that.

Running this photo is my one concession to the holiday. The coordinating couple (awww!) was photographed outside the Sound Trolley, a record shop/boutique on 17th Street in Costa Mesa. (The shop’s MySpace page headline, by the way? “Cheap records means more money for drugs!!!!” I like ’em already.) The gal on the right is the lovely Sydney Costely, an employee of Sound Trolley, and the dude with the awesome hair is her boyfriend, Branden Barsch.

Dressing head-to-toe in vintage or vintage-inspired pieces usually means bad news for most. It’s just overkill. Remember: Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it also looks good. Mixing and matching vintage and thrift-store finds with pre-existing items from your wardrobe is always the safest route to take. With even Urban Outfitters jumping into the game, purchasing secondhand clothing to revamp into new, expensive, way-overpriced pieces ($48 shrunken flannel? What about a $58 boys’ blazer? Or a $38 tie-dyed slip?) for their Urban Renewal line, buying into “vintage” is as simple as ever.

But this photograph makes no sense. No, seriously. They’re breaking all the “rules” here. Argyle sweater vest with a corduroy sport coat and flared trousers and a fedora at the same time? And that Strokes look, with the skinny denim, leather, worn-in Chucks, military-style coat and T-shirt peeking through, that Costely is sporting isn’tsupposed to be cool anymore. But it is on her. Undoubtedly. Her skinny frame was made for the androgyny that’s broken up only with the cropped, tangerine-colored top.

Then again, there’s also another rule to keep in mind: When you’re as cute and hip and young as these two, you can pull off just about anything you want.



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