[Trendzilla] Rolling Out the Welcome Matte for the Newest Nail Trends

Welcome Matte

Believe it or not, even nail color has trends. Though there are the perennials—like reds and pinks—some shades actually have their time in the limelight. Last year, we saw grays and taupes on the fingertips of the fashion-forward.

Most of these nail trends, funnily enough, are dictated by none other than the house of Chanel. They had success with Vamp, a nearly black, dark-red nail polish featured on runways in 1994. It was probably the best example of a nail color trend, one that resulted in sold-out inventories, wait lists and $100 marked-up bottles of lacquer on eBay. Chanel had further similar success with Black Satin, an ebony polish with some shimmer added for depth.

Check out these two big nail trends for fall/winter 2009.

*     *     *

Though it’s hard to dissuade me from the blacks and dark-wine colors, this delicate shade of jade green has me changing my ways. With a hue somewhat comparable to a lighter, less cartoon-y mint chocolate chip, the varnish also features a slight, just-right amount of shimmer.

The bad news: Jade has been sold out everywhere since its release on Sept. 11. Yours truly was on a wait list. For $25-per-bottle nail polish. I know: Sigh.

But there’s also some good news: There are some look-alikes out there, if you’re not dead-set on this particularly dreeaaamy shade of pale jade green, or um, if you can’t get your hands on a bottle (probably the latter). Check out OPI’s Damone Roberts 1968 ($6) or MAC’s also hard-to-find Peppermint Patti ($12). Though neither has that light shimmery effect Chanel’s Jade boasts, the pigmentation is similar.

*     *     *

The other big nail trend for these cooler months is the matte nail. Yep, that’s right: matte as in a flat texture. It’s such an interesting idea it’s hard to wonder why it didn’t come any sooner—colors have all been done, but what about finish? Glossy polish might not be a thing of the past, but adding a matte coating on top of your regular polish might make for a fun, unexpected addition. The matte polish is applied like a top sealant coat, after you’re done with your final application of color, transforming any of your old bottles of nail polish into something totally new. Make the entire nail matte, or experiment with different designs—stripes? French manicures? Polka dots?

The downfall: They’re not quick-dry top coats like a normal clear polish would be. Patience, friends.

Essie’s Matte About You has the most, uh, matte-y finish I’ve tried yet. OPI has a collection of pre-matted colors, but why limit yourself?



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