"Close-Shavers" Shaving Formula No. 31-O, $18
"Close-Shavers" Shaving Formula No. 31-O, $18

[Trendzilla] Man Up with Manly Facial Products for Men, Men

Man Up

I’m not sure how I’d feel about it if I found out a dude I was dating had a medicine cabinet filled with pricey skincare goods. On the one hand, it’d be nice to see a guy not afraid to take care of himself. But on the other? I’m not sure I’d want him stealing my $130-per-ounce Crème de La Mer.

It was a battle convincing the boyfriend to even start using some type of facial moisturizer for the first time in his life, and even then, he was averse to spending much on anything beyond the drugstore brands. Guys, really, you’re superficial sometimes; it’s okay. And taking care of your skin is a thousand times more important than say, a new pair of jeans or canvas slip-ons. Those lines starting to develop around your eyes and mouth? You can totally delay their onset by slathering on some simple cream twice a day—really.

Though the boyfriend started out with the too-greasy $6 to $7 Niveas and Neutrogenas, even he has committed to switching to some nicer labels with better benefits after acting as a guinea pig for the purposes of this column (tough work, I know). This week brings us the affordably priced Facial Fuel line from Kiehl’s, whose no-fuss, blue-colored, totally masculine packaging is a big plus for many men.

This not-too-oily oil product promises to soften beards for men with especially tough facial hair, sensitive skin, ingrown hairs or razor burn. Wet your face, massage in a few drops of the translucent formula, and either use on its own or top with shaving cream. Verdict? This product stands out the most—it warms up your face for a closer shave with a tingly methol-like feeling and makes those irritating shaves easier on both you and your skin.

Though the quest for the perfect anti-wrinkle cream is apparently not an active concern for most men, even the boyfriend admitted that if he were to use cream, he might as well use one that will help to prevent those lines. Most males have a small set of standards when it comes to facial moisturizer: cheap, not too thick or greasy. This anti-wrinkle cream feels like it’s not even there but still zaps away any dryness. It may not be $6 Nivea, but it feels a whole lot better on.

With key ingredients such as ginger-root extract, salicylic acid and willow herb to sooth, exfoliate and smooth, Razor Bump Relief takes care of all the negatives that come with daily shaving regimens. Within a couple of uses, you’ll notice fewer ingrown hairs, less itchiness and a decrease in irritating razor bumps. Just rinse after your shave and apply the product twice a day.

Facial Fuel is available at Kiehls.com or the South Coast Plaza location, 3333 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, (714) 427-0998.



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