[Trendzilla] Laptops of Luxury

MacBook Pro Case Scout iSockit, $65, blytheking.etsy.com
Courtesy blytheking.etsy.com

I know: Damn the Man.

But until someone you probably really like dies or you win the lottery (watch out for those taxes), you’re probably going to have to deal with the Man. And you might as well look good while doing it.

Take it from someone who throws her MacBook in nothing but an unpadded Sonic Youth tote bag: A good-looking computer case is hard to find. And once you find it, it’s definitely a sound investment to make. My computer has a few battle scars to prove it.

There are the typical boxy, messenger bag-type choices with snap closures from, say, Best Buy that scream, “I’M A CORPORATE FUCKING MONKEY!” or maybe even, “I’M A YES MAN!” but it might feel good to pretend even for a little while that you’re neither of those things. And until recently, those rigid, nylon bags were more than likely your only choice.

If you’re tired of having the same computer tote as everyone else who has stepped into the Incase section at the Apple store, you’re in luck: Here are my favorite alternatives—some more affordable than others—but every single piece as snazzy, fun and sophisticated as work can get.

With most of its stores in New York (plus one each in Chicago and Portland), Brooklyn Industries is one of my must-see shopping stops whenever I’m in Manhattan—luckily for us, they’ve also got a well-stocked online storefront. Their Verdigris Laptop Handbag is one of the most original and feminine pieces I’ve come across. A modern alternative to the blah black laptop case, the bag features a large Velcro pocket and a detachable cross-body strap. With a (vegan!) patent-leather trim, it’s also super-affordable. Verdigris Laptop Handbag available at brooklynindustries.com. $42.

Jack Spade—the classic male counterpart to the equally classic Americana of Kate Spade—carries some of the most timeless bags out there for men. The Waxwear Computer Field Bag is a seamless messenger bag featuring an interior, built-in computer sleeve. There’s plenty of room for your other crap; the hidden snap closure and multiple organizing pockets make it as practical as it is damned good-looking. Waxwear Computer Field Bag available at jackspade.com. Chocolate, $375.

And how can we forget our indie artisans out there? Etsy.com (of course!) offers a treasure trove of unique computer sleeves, cases and totes that you know very few in your cubicle block will be carrying. My fave by far has to be this Boy Scout-inspired MacBook iSockit case (below). Crafted out of a variety of vintage fabrics, this padded case includes a cute oversized front pocket with a button-flap closure. The pocket’s the perfect place to store extra cords, pens and pencils, notes, and more. Scout patches adorn the tweed-like cloth. Awe-some! MacBook Pro Case Scout iSockit available at blytheking.etsy.com. $65.


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