[Trendzilla] Jean Genus

When the floral-print Doc Martens come out, you know the ’90s-resurgence thing has gotten way out of hand.

It was kind of cute at first, with the grunge and flannels and loud geometric prints and looking like Lisa Turtle again, minus the layered scrunchies. But then people tried telling me crop tops are back in style again—LA-LA-LA, I’M NOT LISTENING. There’s no way we’re giving that one another round. No. None.

The good thing, though, is the return of light denim.

Like the never-ending battle of gold-vs.-silver jewelry, the light-vs.-dark-denim debate turns up every decade or so. No, not acid-wash denim, just a light wash. There’s a difference—it’s called class. Zing!

My favorite way to wear light denim this season is—wait for it—the denim jacket. Yes, it’s a classic ’90s wardrobe staple, but it’s a different look from previous decades: a little more fitted, a tad more cropped.

Denim jackets are the perfect weight for summer, providing just as much warmth as a cardigan would. But please—don’t pair them with pants. Or any other denim. The best way to wear it this season is with a cute, flirty dress, the more casual and flowy the better. Try unbuttoning the sleeves and rolling them up to your elbows for an extra-casual look. The gal pictured here (also notable: her equally delightful friend in the black shift dress) definitely has the right idea: She has on a simple, carefree, white, cotton dress with a denim jacket with a simple wash. She topped it all off with a classic pair of boots—how could you go wrong?

Agyness Deyn herself was spotted wearing almost the same exact look: white tiered dress, denim jacket with a button. She chose to accessorize with a pair of maroon tights and canvas plimsolls. Other celebs such as Nicole Richie and Rachel Bilson opted for loose-fitting camis and skirts, tights, and leather knee-high boots. Kirsten Dunst has been seen in her denim jacket over gauzy tops, shorts and flat sandals.

Be advised: I still wouldn’t spend too much on this trend, even if it is its squillionth incarnation in less than two decades. The fit seems to change dramatically from bout to bout. Check out Forever21.com’s H81 cropped denim jacket ($24.90). C’mon. You saw that one coming.



Oh, and by the way, I finally signed up for Twitter: twitter.com/trendzilla. I promise I won’t be tweeting about what I had for breakfast or what color socks I’m wearing.



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