[Trendzilla] Cute Drunk Guys In Shorts!

The Hotter You Drink, the Looker You Get

I’m jealous: When did getting drunk look this good?

It’s effortless, clean, not too serious and just thrown together—the perfect combination for summer weather.

Though, yeah, it’s kind of silly matching with your friends—it was an inside joke for a night out at the club, apparently—it’s not bad at all when it’s done this well.

Whenever warm(er) weather sweeps over California, I often hear the same complaint from all my male style-conscious pals: It’s difficult to maintain a certain level of sophistication while being weather-appropriate.

Here’s an easy tip to remember for the dudes seeking a cleaner look this summer: slim-fit everything. It’s an easy combination to achieve. Take a casual, button-up dress shirt (flannels even work), roll up the sleeves to your elbows, then throw on some slim-legged shorts that end just above the knees and some plimsolls or loafers, and you’re done. You can make it as preppy as you want, as youthful as you want, or—gasp—as hipster as you want.

These three meet in the middle for all three looks.

In the middle, Bao wears a dark, denim button-up from Club Monaco (a great staple for affordable classics—there’s a reason why everything there fits so well compared to Banana Republic, J. Crew, et al.: Club Monaco is owned and operated by Polo Ralph Lauren). The silhouette of his Chambray Slim Shorts ($75) is a definite summer essential. The shorts are by Warriors of Radness, a fantastic, reasonably priced “secret” that Bao says he swears by. The Los Angeles-based line fuses an obvious surf/skate vibe with wearability and is carried at both Opening Ceremony and American Rag locations. Bao’s shoes are from Tretorn, another great source for effortless sneakers that run from $60 to $100.

On the left, Andrew wears adorable half horn-rimmed eyeglasses from Aldo. Though Aldo has pretty much always carried a reputation for really bad faux-croc loafers with silver dragon motifs and square toes, the relatively wallet-friendly store has changed course a bit. Though the severely, er, Euro-club-lookin’ items are still there, they’re now on display next to more trendsetting pieces that can rival the footwear selection at even Urban Outfitters. Stop by next time you’re in a mall—it can surprise you. Andrew finishes off his outfit with a shirt from Shades of Greige and shorts from the always-reliable H&M. On the right is Greg, who balances the high-end with the achievable: light denim shirt from Gucci, Gap shorts and Keds shoes.

And another accessory they all have in common? Being totally fucking wasted. Cheers, guys. Y’all are so damn cute.



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