[Trendzilla] Chanel Jackets and Cheap Chic

I know we’re in a tight spot right now. Massive layoffs are happening all around us. The auto industry’s about to implode (not that it hasn’t been slowly doing that for decades, but you know). Seemingly well-established corporations are disappearing overnight. I can’t even go shopping for organic produce anymore without feeling guilty.

Everything just fucking sucks.

Even the fashion industry, which thrives on vanity, indulgence and reckless decision, is feeling the pain. Marc Jacobs just scrapped plans for his famed annual holiday party, putting a blip on an 18-year-long tradition, no thanks to the current economic climate. Bazaar just published a spread on “fashion at affordable prices”—with a $385 Vera Wang skirt and $285 Diane von Furstenburg sweater. November’s Vogue (with a super-safe, albeit pretty, Reese Witherspoon on the cover—snooooze. Where are the models, Anna?) boasted coverlines on budget holiday shopping and “Chic Destinations for the Wallet-Conscious,” but the inside only revealed Mexican Yucatan getaways at $10,500 per week.

(All this, however, does not give you the right to utter the word “recessionista.” “Fashionista” is bad enough.)

So if you feel the need to binge on a dress or something for an upcoming event or those impending holiday parties, forego your usual standbys of Neiman Marcus or Barney’s that we all love dearly. Start looking elsewhere.

It isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Resorting to online shopping is the easiest way out of those rash decisions. And with all the semi-new conveniences such as PayPal, free shipping and free returns, it’s not as difficult as you think when it comes to sizing.

Huntington Beach-based website 80sPurple.com once again comes to the rescue with its wide range of options, from totally affordable $60 party dresses to a $495 John Varvatos for Converse wool coat with faux fur collar. But the Buckle Crop Jacket by Aryn K has really stolen my heart.

Every gal’s always lusted after one of Chanel’s quintessential collarless tweed jackets, a piece you or your grandmother could wear. Coco Chanel is often credited with bringing tweed back in style for the high-fashion crowd. Keira Knightley and Sarah Jessica Parker were both photographed recently wearing their own Chanel jackets. It’s too bad the pieces go for thousands. The vintage jackets are even considered collector’s items.

Good news: The Aryn K lookalike is only $82 and features everything a Chanel counterpart would—tweed, cropped length, three-quarter-length sleeves with silk trim, hook-and-eye closures, two pockets, and a bow detail at the bodice. No wonder it’s already sold out. But they’ve recently restocked, so act fast.


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