Have murse-y. Photo by Vickie Chang

Look, people. This whole look-at-me-I'm-ironic!, American-Apparel-and-the-'70s-collectively-barfed-on-me hipster thing just isn't working out anymore. It was funny and kind of endearing at first, but now it's almost preferable to see someone looking wholly like a Flashdanceextra than a Flashdanceextra who got into a knife fight in a dark alleyway with Ponyboy.

And eyeliner on boys? Once wildly attractive. Then people like the Madden brothers and Jared Leto got into it. But no, that's not it either.

It's tough: Is it the pseudo-leg warmers with "BOY" (with an eagle perched over the "O") printed all over them or the slashed acid-washed jeans that make this outfit not-so-great? Oh, wait: it's the fact that he's wearing slashed acid-washed jeans over pseudo-leg warmers with "BOY" (with an eagle perched over the "O") printed all over them.

But with animal print making a comeback in terms of accessories (check fall '06 lines by Cavalli, Claudia Ciuti and even Ralph Lauren), a zebra-print murse might just be the one redeemable thing about this outfit.

The bright side is that this was the one and only sweatband-like thingy seen the entire night. And there was a noticeable absence of neck scarves. Good on you, Orange County!

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