Hey, remember when you were 16 and saw Rilo Kiley for the first time in concert and vowed that Jenny Lewis was the one and only woman you'd ever go gay for? Okay, maybe that was just me.

But a large part of that lust (on top of the obvious admiration for her talent) was her amazing sense of style: fashionable, cute-but-still-hot and, most important, sexy-but-still-classy. (And totally setting the hipster fashion curve.)

This girl's managed to achieve all of the above without being uh, too LA (read: over the top).

An integral part of that whole elusive sexy-but-still-classy thing is remembering to balance things out when you're showing off some skin. If you're wearing a particularly short pair of shorts, skirt or dress, it always looks fantastic when you cover up a bit more on top, just like our girl here has.

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And the same goes for tops as well—probably not the best idea to pair plunging necklines and sleeveless tops with miniskirts or hot pants. Yeah, it may lookhot (sometimes), but, well, remember that whole classy thing we talked about? Good thing the trend this fall/winter seems to be headed in that same direction. Don't put away those summer dresses quite yet—layer jumpers over henleys, turtlenecks and tights (no more leggings, goddamn it), and you're good to go.

Her minimal accessories are a nice touch as well: the black, narrow leather waist belt giving form to an otherwise shapeless mandarin-collared dress (spring/summer 2007 Cynthia Rowley ready-to-wear); that dress paired with the obviously thrifted (or cleverly manufactured) low heels. The chunky ring on her left hand. The pink and off-white floral print bag that matchesthe light grey dress (with charming pink and white detailing!) but-not-really-at-the-same-time.

And the hair—sideswept bangs, wavy tresses?

Totally J. Lew. And not in a bad way.

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