Hat-ty! Photo by Vickie Chang
Hat-ty! Photo by Vickie Chang


Remember that thing about stylish people traveling in packs? They were out again, a couple of weeks ago, for a benefit concert at Costa Mesa housewares/art gallery/open mic boutique eVocal. And while they looked good, what they were wearing—especially the guys—just wasn't what you'd see down the street at Avalon or even across 19th at Detroit Bar.

It's another step in the evolution of the surf/skate fashion subculture, and it's ultra-urban. The chunky, padded shoes (Etnies, S, Globe, whatever) have been traded in for classic Vans lace-ups (when one isn't actually skating); DC logo Tees for BAPE shirts and fuzzy, worn-in flannels. Puffy fur-trimmed hoodies topped most outfits.

It's sparked by the move many sportswear labels like Volcom and Stüssy made recently into the art and music scenes, but it's becoming its own fashion statement—beyond a mere logo T-shirt and jeans.

This guy, with his maroonish-brownish-yellowish flannel, slightly flared jeans that flatter his stature, and camo slip-on sneaks, is probably a good prototype for this latest new wave. (Even if he might not actually be a skater or surfer—it's okay 'cause it's not about that anymore.) What he wears is well put-together . . . without looking too well put-together.

He tops it with the all-the-current-rage fedora (for men and women, straight off the runways of Dior Homme, Armani and many others). Dude looks slick. Stylish. It reminds me of what people wore during the early '80s Northern Soul/skinhead/mod/2-Tone revival.

My only qualm is with his camo-print neck scarf. Enough. With. The. Neck scarves! It was okay three or four years ago, or if you're robbing a bank or snowboarding or something, but it's just spiraled out of control. Now, Urban Outfitters is selling keffiyehs (or Shemaghs) by the dozen—and hipsters who don't know any better are snatching them up at $20 a pop and wearing them as neck scarves. Point of fashion: Thurston Howell.


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