Quick! Someone name the top 10 most-reoccurring hipster trends! What? Can't do it? Use this girl as a visual cue—from her headband-around-the-forehead down to her flats, it's like 2003 engulfed her, swirled her around in its mouth a bit for taste, then spit her back out—looking like . . . this.

She's adorable as baby kitties, unicorns and frosted cupcakes, seriously—I even love the haircut—but take it easy on the trendy stuff just a little. Did not a dead lady once say (Coco Chanel) that one should always remove one accessory before leaving the house? She did—but in this case, it should be more like three or four. Or five. This frosted cupcake has got the naval thing down hard with the cropped red jacket complete with black and white and red striped trim, and the black and white striped tunic. She's got the fitted leather driving gloves on (big on the fall 2006 DKNY runways). And the cropped black pants and wide-as-all-hell gold-ring belt. And the flats. And the many, many layered necklaces. And then there's the headband thing. These things probably can all look fantastic on their own (maaaaaybe not the headband, though), worn in a more understated manner. When too many really, really, really trendy things collide you get . . . this.

Hipster fashion has evolved a bit: it went from the LOOK-AT-ME-BE-OBNOXIOUS! electrotrash, off-the-shoulder, neon-Flashdance-Jane-Fonda bullshit to its present day status: the dirty-in-a-hot-way, I-rolled-out-of-bed-looking-like-this look. (Points of modern-day inspiration: Cory Kennedy, the bummy 2005 Olsen twin thing, Kirsten Dunst, various L.A. bands—like the Like, all apathetically leading the charge.)

I don't know. Calling a hipster trendy is like saying candy's sweet, the Kinks put out really good music, and eating babies for breakfast is bad. The entire subculture revels and revolves around whatever's been dubbed cool at the moment, dumps it the next, and is already out the door headed for the local Buffalo Exchange for what's up-and-coming.

That's cool. I guess. As long as you don't overdo it.

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