True story: I haven't brushed my hair in two, almost three years. In fact, I haven't been doing much of anything to my hair besides spending a few minutes a day making it look, well, dirty again. Which works out nicely, if you ask me—no hairbrush to clean out, curling iron to curl with, hair straightener to straighten with, just some texturizing pomade and I'm good to go. And conditioner? What's that?

The I-rolled-out-of-bed- looking-this-amazing look still has my fully-captivated attention. And it all starts with the hair: after a brief hiatus, long hair is finally cool again. And not just any kind of long hair, but the loose, pseudo-curly, dirty-messy-in-a-hot way kind of long hair. With bangs. Bangs are essential—whether sideswept or a full-on, heavy fringe, unless you're Kate Moss, bangs have the ability to make anybody look better by masking any sorts of flaws you may have. And yes I sacrifice my vision for my fringe. It's worth it.

Thankfully, this simulated sense of stylistic apathy also ushers in a wardrobe of absolute comfort. Men's clothing, like this overlong yet slender-cut gold-and-maroon cardigan (is it sad that I regard them as Harry Potter colors over USC colors? No? Okay.) is always flattering—on slim frames, at least. Paired over another men's shirt—the always tragically-hip, deep V-neck white cotton T-shirt (try the $18 American Apparel "Summer Shirt"—it hangs and fits better than Hanes or Fruit of the Loom, I promise)—and with a bag slung across her chest, and a couple of long necklaces, the outfit is flattering and trendy. Plus, it doesn't seem like she tried too hard. (Which is totally rule No. 1 for being cool, right?)

But the signature aspect of her look? The fact she paired her skintight, gray skinny jeans with some awesome cream-colored, leather loafers that look like they were stolen from Liz Claiborne, Talbots, your mom/third grade teacher's closet—instead of some all too predictable flats.

So maybe this isn't going to be around much longer. Maybe in a few months it's going to be a thing of the past, a thing of Urban Outfitters, at least for a few more moons. Maybe celebrities who ushered the look into the mainstream (The Olsens. And Kirsten. And Kate. And uh, fluky Internet sensation Cory Kennedy.) are also going to be responsible for oversaturation and overkill. I don't really care.

And as long as you can get away with going to work and looking great in your boyfriend's crusty band shirt that you fell asleep in last night, you shouldn't, either.


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