Aw. I love subcultures.

I'd like to think we all fit a little bit into some kind of stereotype or another. Jock, meathead, pothead, indie kid, nerd, scenester, culturati, whatever. We're all a little bit of something, and guess what—because of that, we should probably be able to make fun of ourselves sometimes.


There are a few looks going on these days with the kids in the, uh, what the grown-ups call the "alternative crowd." They either look like extras in a Jane Fonda video, with catsuits, sweatbands and Spandex anything; flower children in airy white linen dresses or flared jeans and wild manes; the Lost Boys—feathered hair and leather jackets a must; or, as my friend pointed out to me several times last night at the Echo, like Native Americans. Really. Like, head to toe, costumey, Tiger Lily, movie type of Native American. (Read: Over the top.)

These tall, lace-up Minnetonka boots were made famous in the tabloids by the usual suspects: Kate Moss, an Olsen or two, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and the rest, all the way back in winter 2004. Made out of a smoooooth, buttery suede (and this is coming from a vegetarian) and about a million holes to lace up, the boots are available with either a soft or hard sole, both of which are as comfortable as they are inexpensive. The boots run around $63 (be grateful—they go for about 82 in the U.K.!) and come in six different colors. Even light pink.

They disappeared for a while from the scene, but Kate Moss started wearing her tall black pair again this past fall and winter, suddenly rendering them acceptable again.

Am I going to go by what Kate Moss says is cool?

Yes. Yes, I am. It's Kate Moss.

And most recently, she's been spotted with her skinny jeans stuffed into a loosened, untied, ankle-high black pair of the fringed moccasin boots. A week or two later, Nicole Richie had on the same pair, worn exactly the same way. And then a week after that, every other girl at every other show had on a pair.

While I'm still a fan of the black suede, I'd like to think that the secret to these suckers is not pairing them with anything else that's too trendy or flamboyant—and it doesn't get much more flamboyant than fringed suede accessories. (Fringe, by the way, seems to be popular these days. Check Urban Outfitter's suede fringed messenger going for $68.)

Things tend to get tricky with the brown suede pair, pictured here. The terra cotta color renders it completelycostumey. And with its yellowish laces, it's, uh, Pocahontasy. It can be pulled off, but only if things are going to be a lot simpler up top.


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