I never did understand the undying fascination females of all ages and walks of life had with Sex and the City. The dialogue drove me crazy. And I just didn't get the various bad metaphors Carrie churned out comparing New York City to the relationship du jour for that column of hers (of course—film/television ladies are always either journalists or in advertising), or her justifications for some monster shoe splurge. (My favorite: "The fact is, sometimes it's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes. That's why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun." She talked about shoes. A lot.)

But the worst?

Aside from some of the formalwear, I also never did understand why so many women idolized Carrie Bradshaw as some kind of fashion tastemaker. Maybe it's the fact that I'm flipping through these heavily edited KTLA reruns years after their original air date. Or maybe it's because a freaking television show made women everywhere believe it was okay to parade around Manhattan looking tawdry and tasteless in ridiculous half-outfits and Manolo Blahniks (or, you know, Steve Maddens).

Though I guess there is all that stuff about the sexual liberation of women. Eh.

But all that aside, whenever I spotted paparazzi shots of Sarah Jessica Parker out and about with husband Ferris Bueller, I never cringed or found any "real" outfit of hers personally offensive.

And luckily, SJP's fairly young and totally affordable line, Bitten, is modeled after that—the realwoman.

Sold exclusively at discount sportswear retailer Steve and Barry's (with locations in Buena Park and Orange), the clothing's major, major boasting point is that all pieces are priced at $19.98 or less, yet still manage to maintain a quality that seems like it cost, well, a lot more.

Bitten even offers key outerwear items (in sizes 0 to 22!), as well as accessories. Pictured here is the houndstooth coat for, yup, $19.98. And while many of the ensembles featured on may seem too GAP-ish, Bitten's one of those lines that's excellent for basic wardrobe building. There are plenty of pieces here that you and your friends would love—and plenty that your mom would love, too.

Some standouts include the foldover parachute purse ($9.98!) that bears some resemblance to the super-trendy Anna Corinna leather city totes ($384-$468); bib-front button-ups ($12.98); sweater vests perfect for winter layering in slate and purple ($19.98); and a basic navy pea coat ($19.98).

But really, if you're looking for that white dress Carrie wore to the black-and-white party, or the Celine dress and Momo coat she wears on her last date with Big, you're not going to find them here.

What you will find are items that are just a liiiitle bit more sensible, a little bit more realistically priced, and a whole lot classier.


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