Train Bound for Heaven

Tons of local bands have come and gone over the decades, but the legend of Bourbon Jones just keeps growing. How else to explain the fact that the much-missed Long Beach contempo-blues-with-a-handful-of-praise-the-lawd-gospel band's 1998 album Glory Train is pretty much only available in the rarities case at Fingerprints for something like $20-that is, if it's still there by the time you read this? How can their music be so valued? Could be the four-year-long gig they had playing Sunday afternoons on the Blue Café patio-steady exposure like that can endear you on a beloved-by-millions level. Find out just how many lovers they still have this Saturday, when the original Bourbon Jones lineup-Anthony Arvizu, Mario Barmosca, Chris Hanlin and Mikey Meyer-reunites for a one-off show at the Cellar, the kinda-new venue run by former Blue Café svengali Vince Jordan. It'll be a night of great music from a band that ruled Long Beach, if only for a little while.
Sat., Aug. 16, 9 p.m., 2008


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