Todd Marinovich's Tips to Enjoying Summer In OC

Tim Melideo

"I think it's totally cool when somebody comes up and expresses that you have affected them in any way.
I get 'I lost money on you; I bet the Raiders, and they lost the game.' And I don't get assholes for the most part, so I think it's totally fine to approach them—and quickly. I don't think anybody would be upset about that, no matter how big you are. The main thing people should keep in mind is how many times people get approached. When you look at it like these guys get it wherever they go, your approach will be different."

"You can get off them anywhere. It's not the place; it's the time. Forced rehab was like doing time, but the seed was planted. Like everything, people try to package it, and I don't know how successful it is. It's become a big business. When Baron was born, my perspective changed. I gotta provide; that's a new thought. I was willing to do anything. I wasn't going to let my ego get involved. If had to dig a ditch, I was willing. Like addiction, I was willing to do anything. I cannot stick a needle in my arm, and if I don't today, it's a win. It's all about today. Hopelessness—that's a fucked state of mind. But I'm not acting in that today."

"The only real place I go to in OC is the Orange County Museum of Art near Fashion Island in Newport Beach. It has some good exhibits. Other than that, I'm not into strolling Laguna Beach for art. That's really not my style."


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"When it comes to checking out live bands, anything small and dirty is a good thing. Last summer, I saw Green Day play a private show at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa. We just saw Deer Tick at the Yost Theater in downtown Santa Ana."


"Food? In-N-Out, like everybody else. That's not really a secret. I like sushi, a place called Buddha's Favorite in Newport Beach. That's my and Alix's favorite."


"Culture in Orange County? It depends on what you're looking for. Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Newport Beach are all great, yet they're very different."


"I really think people should have a dog first because it's like training for parenting. The key to changing diapers is to give them something—cell phone, keys, whatever—keep them entertained for that 30 seconds. It can make or break your experience."


"It's all about not causing a scene in which the federales get involved. That's when all bets are off."


"I'm at the point where I don't put myself in those situations. It's all about fun, so I don't put myself in jeopardy. I don't even risk it."


"It all depends on the situation, really. The variables that come into play, there's a multitude of them. In general, when you're dealing with a number like that, a nine or a 10, they've heard it all. They've been approached with it fuckin' all. So be honest. Be straightforward, really, because all the cute little lines, a hottie's heard them all since she was 14."


"The pen is mightier than the sword. Fuck. It is mind-blowing the influence multimedia has on the world. It's got us in its clutches. I don't think you want to get involved in any way with that. Tread lightly, and be very careful with what you say."


"The sheriffs aren't your friends. I think your goal should be to have as little contact as possible with the guys in green. It could mean to keep your mouth shut and blend with the herd because it wasn't the inmates, for the most part, I had issues with. It was the guys holding the keys. It's not only keeping your mouth shut, but it's also keeping your eyes from rolling, or you'll get pretzeled up."


"I've seen a lot of people hang themselves by thinking if they get to give their opinions, the judge will see it their way, which is usually not the case. So I think the best advice would be to really limit what you say to the judge. I have gone to court hundreds of times, no joke. Punctuality is No. 1; get there on time, for sure. Once you do that, you're off to the right start."


This article appeared in print as "Todd's Tips: The definitive Marinovich guide to enjoying summer in OC."

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