Tinkertoy: Build Your Imagination

Challenge and inspire the little tykes in your life the old-school way by peeling that Wii remote out of their hands and replacing it with TINKERTOYS. The Discovery Science Center’s brand-spankin’-new exhibit is a larger-than-life throwback to the classic toy so many of us grew up with. Much more than just simple child’s play, this interactive exhibit allows people of all sizes to challenge their minds and ingenuity by imagining, constructing and (our favorite part) demolishing their own creations. Take a walk through the Tinker Tank, a super-sized TINKERTOY canister filled to capacity with brain-boggling puzzles and mind-blowing marvels of mechanical engineering. Take a peek at some of the world’s strangest and greatest inventions, and if you feel like getting hands-on, join the TINKERTOY Competition and compete with dozens of others to create complex works of art made entirely of the construction pieces. So put those fully developed motor skills to good use and get the whole family mobilized for an entire day of good, old-fashioned fun.
May 29-Sept. 26, 10 a.m., 2010


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