Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

Not sure if “bathe,” “wallow” or “gorge” is the appropriate method of experience for weaponized-comedy duo Tim and Eric, but Billion Dollar Movie—the story of some guys who make a movie, which costs a billion dollars, and then the hell begins—is definitely not a film to be simply “watched.” Maybe you thought Adult Swim was a pretty forgiving place for a couple guys who’d like to sand the edges off the human mind, but B$M revels in its R-rating: blood, beards, swords, poop...it’s quite a time. B$M got a slew of bad reviews, but there’s something special about a movie that just jumps off a cliff screaming. With “special cast members” in attendance—SHRIM!?—this is going to be an over-the-edge kind of night.
Fri., April 20, 2012


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