They Are Not Men, They Are Artists

How to begin? How about with machine-faced people, men associating freely with squids, and ugly Mickey Mouses ogling naked people? On second thought, maybe we should start with the name of the art show that ex-Devo-id Mark Mothersbaugh and KRK Ryden (brother of Mark) will present at RVCA starting Saturday? That would be "Dos Mutatos." Yeah, maybe that describes things far better than any explanation we could offer. Thing is, you can't really describe it. The show is all mirrors and weird juxtapositions—like those examples we gave at the outset, all by Mothersbaugh, arguably the artier of the two. Mothersbaugh's work is every bit as herky-jerky as Devo ever was—making things that don't go together, go together—or, as he does in his photography, splitting and twisting people and animals with mirror distortions. It looks better than it sounds. And it's surprisingly cheerful stuff—lightened by Ryden, some of whose work resembles the art from the old Dr. Seuss books, or else a ransom note by Anthony Ausgang—all cut-and-paste people heads with painted bodies meeting cartoony animals. It's good stuff. Real surreal.

The opening reception is invite only, folks—wouldn't want to test this stuff out on the unprepared—but the hoi polloi are welcome to have their minds blown anytime after that. On your way out of RVCA, check out the tagged-up house across the street. Or don't. It's your "Freedom of Choice"! Sorry.

"Dos Mutatos," The Art of Mark Mothersbaugh & KRK Ryden at RVCA, 919 Sunset Dr., Costa Mesa, (949) 548-6223. Invitation-only opening reception Sat., 7:30 p.m. Through Aug. 12. Call for hours.

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