The Twilight Zone

Stages Theatre is back with another set of Twilight Zone episodes, transplanted with style and reverence by directors Darri Kristin and Dave Campos to the dimension...of LIVE THEATRE! This time, they’ve picked out four intriguing and lesser-known episodes. There’s the stand-out gotcha! episode Person or Persons Unknown, with an ending that helped define the term “Twilight Zone ending.” There’s A Passage For Trumpet, one of those life-is-worth-living episodes, and One More Pallbearer, which is part life-is-worth-living and part the-missiles-are-on-their-way, which the Twilight Zone always handled so well. The best of the four, however, may be Midnight Sun, which was one of Serling’s bleakest—or should we say darkest and coldest—scripts.
Fridays, Saturdays. Starts: June 21. Continues through July 27, 2013


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