The Swell Season

Though they had to delay their last scheduled in-store performance at Fingerprints—winning an Oscar for Best Original Song has a way or shuffling a person’s previous engagements around—the Swell Season promised to keep their word. And it happens just days prior to the drop of Strict Joy (ANTI-Records), the follow-up album to Grammy-nominated soundtrack Once, the film that made them movie stars as well as musicians. Glen Hansard’s wild Irish disposition is still anchored by the classically-trained, demure vocals/piano of Markéta Irglová, yet Strict Joy sees the pair’s sound growing ever fuller, layered thickly with increasingly complicated song structures. The show is almost free—RSVP list open only to those who pre-order the new album, out Oct. 27—but it’s a massive perk to a small purchase we would’ve made anyway.
Tue., Oct. 20, 7 p.m., 2009


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