The Subhumans

Every time you drive by Disneyland, think of Dick Lucas, who fronts the indestructible British punk band the Subhumans and sings with true gusto: “Mickey Mouse is dead/got kicked in the head!” That’s the first 10 seconds of one of many fast and ferocious anarcho-punk songs punctuated by Lucas’ signature turbine-whine vocals. Their The Day the Country Died EP and LP are the most classic of several classics, and that they persist 30 or so years after they started is testament only to the unfortunate immortality of the wrecked situations they so effectively wrote about. This show is with the reunited G’rups, underrated Gilman Street golden-era punks whose snarling guy-girl vocals and righteousness despite grim circumstance recall the best of LA’s X.
Tue., April 19, 7 p.m., 2011


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