The Scream Contest

Hollerin’ is a grand American tradition—isn’t yelling super-loud the first thing protected in the bill of rights?—and while there’s even a national hollerin’ contest in North Carolina, the OC Great Park’s version is a wilder affair. Billed as “loud music, flashing lights, screams from hell!!”, which we don’t mind telling you is music to our ears, the Scream Contest here is a noisy improvisational extravaganza helmed by performance artists 31 Down, where audience volunteers get in front of a racket-making set of musicians and shriek their little hearts out. There’s even a Scream-O-Meter to determine the winner scientifically. The coolest thing we’ve written about all year? Yes! Wait, we mean: YESSSSSSSSSSSS%$$$!!!!!!
Sat., April 20, 7:30 p.m., 2013


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