The Relative Strangers

It’s a sad day when the Great Recession forces a killer band to pursue other options. According to the Garcia brothers of the Relative Strangers, this popular Orange County band are taking a break to find paying gigs and raise funds for their album. Craig Garcia (bassist) might be going on tour with Lucas Rossi, and Chris Garcia (drummer) might be sailing away on a cruise ship to play for sojourners sipping on daiquiris. Sadly, there won’t be a farewell rooftop performance. There is, however, a slate of kick-ass rock shows every Monday at the Detroit Bar this month. And it’s time to step it up, OC—show up in droves for the Relative Strangers’ irresistibly catchy melodies and hard rock jams to remind this local band about Southern California’s passion for homegrown music.
Mondays. Starts: Aug. 1. Continues through Aug. 29, 2011


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