The Only Swimsuit Guide You'll Need

This year, we fashionistas won't be saying, "Hooray! Swimsuit season is finally here!" It never went away! It's been summer for a year now! Winter? What's winter? Those puny showers did nothing for us! Nothing!

On the bright side, we may have a bit more time until the government really starts rationing our water and sparkling pools turn into permanent skateboard ramps; we might as well take advantage of looking cute in the sun before it's too hot to even go outside. For now, here are some brands with great swimwear collections in every style and for every budget.

The normally sporty brand actually has some of my favorite suits this summer. Or maybe it's just the awfully sexy photos. Either way, they've taken a more Americana turn. While there are a couple of bright, solid options, RVCA did best in the pattern department this year. It fit in floral designs and Moroccan, plus geometric shapes without making them obnoxious, but my favorite part is the string work. The one-piece has beautiful, latticed sides, and the bikini top's straps have a flattering, crochet-type pattern down the back. The prize piece, though, is the Mansuria coverup—it's a mini-sarong with floor-length fringe. It's hard to do fringe that doesn't look cheesy, but RVCA pulled it off—and well. Or maybe it's just the ass on the model. Did I mention they're also reasonably priced? Like less-than-$80-for-a-whole-suit reasonable.

Based out of San Clemente, this swimwear line has the swinging ties and criss-cross lines down. Mikoh is for girls seeking a simple, classy option. They also need to have the monies—Mikoh is expensive, with a few pieces nearing the $300 range. The mostly solid bathing suits don't need patterns because of the intricate line work of the straps. They look a little bit exotic and incredibly sexy, but wearers should apply A LOT of sunscreen 'cause those tan lines will be funky. If you're in need of a new wetsuit and aren't hardcore about surfing, Mikoh has some cute black suits that look like a cross between Catwoman and Leeloo from The Fifth Element.

These suits are for girls seeking a vintage look, with a little more belly and ass coverage. As sexy as the suits above are, not all of us want the whole beach to see half our bum. ModCloth also offers plus-sized suits. The classic one-pieces are adorable and come in hundreds of colors and cut variations. Looking for polka dots? You got it. Cheetah print? Yup. The best pieces are high-waisted bikinis—the sailor and gingham styles are precious. The prices are fair, too, with most falling within the $80-to-$100 range.

This Huntington Beach-based lingerie company recently made the jump to lounge and swimwear. Private Arts has something for everyone, whether you're rockabilly, country, girly or a hipster. The best part is the high-waisted lingerie and bandeaus double as bathing suits. The whole brand has a mischievous, kind-of-bad-girl attitude, but the Budding Romance line is my favorite, with its flowery pastels and sheer ruffles. If you're into naughtier pieces, check out the bondage-inspired Horseplay line. No matter what you choose, every item costs less than $60 and is made in the USA.

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