The Make-Up

The Make-Up’s frontman Ian Svenonius applies Kim Fowley-ian acumen to a Julian Cope-ian command of global music history and sings in bands that operate in at least three simultaneous theoretical frameworks at all times. Ye-ye/gospel/freakouters the Make-Up were his biggest—though we all miss Nation of Ulysses, right?—and this Coachella side show is long-awaited succor for the believers who never gave up. Don’t miss his new book about rock ‘n’ roll in the world beyond, either. And lets also take space to say: GAP DREAM GAP DREAM GAP DREAM! Once a solo project back in Ohio, Burger’s Gap Dream relocated to OC and is now a trio doing blown-out Spacemen 3/Stacy Sutherland-style (he who put the “tar” in the 13th Floor Elevators’ guitar sound) reverb-jams with fearsome gusto. Recommended to the hilt!
Tue., April 16, 7 p.m., 2013


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