The Groves Antique Market

Digging for treasure at the antique swap is like digging for treasure anywhere else—the first person to break ground gets the good stuff, and that’s why the Groves Antique Market gives you a chance to get up before the sun comes up. The difference here is that you get to spend your morning in the Great Park, as opposed to other local swaps that make you root through boxes on the bottom floor of a Great Parking Garage. (Plus the Farmer’s Market is next door, if you want to have an even healthier experience.) Swap regulars—if you know which weekend is Pasadena and which is Veteran’s Stadium without consulting a calendar, you’re a regular—will probably spot a lot of familiar faces both vending and buying. But there are always those wild card tables with say … the $300 blues LP on sale for $3. That right there is why we get there early.
Sun., March 3, 7 a.m., 2013


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