The Big Lebowski

Photo by Keith May THE BIG LEBOWSKI is the story of the Dude (Jeff Bridges), a White-Russian-swilling, pot-smoking, unemployed bowler who manifests his own kind of heroism in the Coen Brothers' 1998 film. He is assisted in the noirish mystery by his gun-toting Vietnam vet buddy, Walter Sobcek (John Goodman). Walter is portrayed above by playwright (and Weekly theater writer) Dave Barton. Barton didn't like The Big Lebowski as much as the Coen Brothers' other films, especially Barton Fink, Fargo, Raising Arizona, Blood Simple, Miller's Crossing—"anything, in fact, but The Big Lebowski and Hudsucker Proxy, which were their two worst films." So it ain't everybody's favorite, even if it's ours. Barton would also like to acknowledge that Walter "is fatter than I am—which is nice—has different glasses, more hair, and a .45." Barton is shown here brandishing a theater-prop .357 Magnum. The glasses are amber-tinted shatter-proof Extremeoptiks ($14 from Grant's for Guns, Costa Mesa). The Brunswick Zone bowling bag is available at the Kona Lanes pro shop ($34). Everything else is sold at Adventure 16 in Costa Mesa, now in the Camp across from the Lab anti-mall. Kibo boots made in Germany by Lowa ($195); Merino wool Wigwam socks ($13); cotton Royal Robbins cargo shorts ($44.50); Patagonia cotton polo ($50); Ex Officio 18-pocket Passport photo vest ($108).


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