The Batbombs

The Batbombs do some seriously snarling scum rock on their Gutted Blues EP—Nick Cave or Lux Interior vox dripping with contempt and insanity, a guitarist who doesn’t strum so much as splatter, drums that crank along like tank treads over trenches, and a vibe so nasty and heavy it probably peels the paint off the back wall. San Francisco’s Crime were the masters of this kind of awesome lurching hostility, and you know what they said? Hate Us Or Love Us, We Don’t Give a Fuck. Also, Murder By Guitar. If the Batbombs don’t have those albums, they definitely got that ethos—free of charge, just like when Crime played San Quentin or the Cramps played the mental hospital.
Sun., April 3, 9 p.m., 2011


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