Take These Not-So-Obvious Things to Make Music-Festival Season Even Better

Take These Not-So-Obvious Things to Make Music-Festival Season Even Better

The blooming of flower crowns, cut-off shorts and desert attire across OC proclaims the arrival of festival season. And chances are, you and your friends will be getting the hell outta here to attend some music-heavy escape and brag about it on the 'Gram later. Whether you're camping in Indio, backpacking somewhere or just going on some kind of traveling adventure, these items will ease some of the usual festival-going inconveniences. Pack smarter, ladies.

AnnaBis Purse. It may be legal to blaze it in California now, but that doesn't mean we get carte blanche to stroll into the festival grounds with our bongs in hand. Our resident marijuana goddess Mary Carreon previously wrote about the gorgeous handbags—available in various sleek styles and colors—made by AnnaBis that allow you to carry your nugs in covert, hidden pockets while masking their smell, so you can get your spleefs past the security search. www.annabisstyle.com.

Radius Toothbrush. You could buy some cheap thing from CVS, but organic toothbrushes are so much better for your oral health and hygiene. Radius offers travel-size toothbrushes made from bioplastic with vegetable-based nylon bristles. There are also discrete cases to hold tampons and condoms—wink, wink! madebyradius.com.

Dear Kate Period Panties. I can think of no greater annoyance when on a weekend getaway than discovering Aunt Flo is coming along for the fun. There's an abundance of period panties on the market, but Dear Kate is the best with its innovative anti-leak design—and its products are safe for the environment, too! No more visiting a Porta-Potty to switch tampons every few hours. www.dearkates.com.

Stand Ups. Speaking of Porta-Potties, they're disgusting. Our web editor Taylor Hamby wrote about using Stand Ups to free herself from sitting on the gross toilets at Coachella a couple of years ago. They easily fold into a spout to allow you to stand while you pee, and they're light and small, making them easy to transport. Judy Chicago couldn't have done it better. www.the-stand-up.com.

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