Sydney Dance Company

To the untrained eye, contemporary dance can look a bit like a group of incredibly toned models flailing about in some sort of quasi-coordinated musical display. This is art, people! Get with the times. The days of the tutu are over—it’s been replaced by sleek, near-nude outfits coupled with the soundtrack to your favorite alien abduction film. And it’s beautiful. Witness the magic as Sydney Dance Company, Australia’s premier modern dance troop, makes its stateside debut with 2 One Another, the engaging dance/multi-media spectacular that fascinates audiences and celebrates movement. Move your butt to one of the Barclay Theatre’s seats and catch this group of 17 dancers led by artistic director Rafael Bonachela move together (but separately?) for a solid 60-minute show.
Wed., Oct. 16, 8 p.m., 2013


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