Sultra: Mascara for Your Hair?

I'm a sucker for anything bright and obnoxious—especially in my hair. But depending on an alt-weekly rag's pay ain't exactly conducive to frequent trips to the hair salon for hot-pink streaks, and at-home hair dye in teal doesn't last at all.

Then, Sultra saved my life.

The company, known for its styling tools, has paired up with Sephora for a great way to add wild hair colors without the commitment: hair mascara for quick, easy pops of color and clip-in extension streaks in every color imaginable. It's all temporary, and that's the beauty of it— no disappointment.

The hair mascaras resemble traditional mascara and don't clump, crisp or flake off. Despite the lightweight formula, the wands pack a bright punch of coral, blue, pink and purple; last up to two days; and wash out perfectly. Of special note to brunettes: The colors show up on dark hair well.

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Sultra's clip-in extensions are even easier, of course, look more professionally done and have a longer staying power. Made with 100 percent Indian Remy hair, they come in the same colors as their mascara line, plus teal, peach and even cheetah print. They're durable enough to curl and straighten, are 14 inches long, and can be cut to accommodate almost any hair length. With proper care, they could potentially last for several weekends.

Both products are exclusively available at Sephora; at press time, the extensions are 50 percent off for a steal at $9. They're also perfectly stocking-sized (ahem, Santa . . .).

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This column appeared in print as "Mascara for Your Hair?"

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