Stubble Trouble

People who describes themselves as resembling “Andre Agassi with a drinking problem” probably never got by on looks alone. So suffice it to say standup veteran Dave Attell is no Dane Cook. And that’s something we should all be happy about. Attell earned widespread recognition as the Huell Howser of drunken bros with Insomniac, his late-night Comedy Central travel show whose influence echoes in current shows such as Dirty Jobs and No Reservations. As a standup, with his smoker’s hack and scruffy beard, Attell paces his little corner of the stage, fearlessly unleashing one dick joke after another. His regard for the personal tastes of those around him crumbled long ago. It’s enviable the way he can look complete strangers in the eye and imply the most horrible things about their family pet or stance on buggery without being pelted with fried appetizers and diluted drinks. But mostly Attell’s material is about himself: his traveling, his drinking and, most important, his balls.
Sun., Sept. 28, 7 & 9 p.m., 2008


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