Here’s a chance to check out the coolest chill-wave band you’ve never heard of: Starfucker. Hailing from the hobo capital of the world (Portland, Oregon), this trio play a hyper-contagious blend of electro, dance and indie music. And while their star has yet to officially burst on the scene, advertisers have taken note—including big-box store Target, who featured one of Starfucker’s songs in last year’s onslaught of Christmas commericials. Live shows tend to be rather flamboyant affairs, and at the very least, they feature singer Josh Hodges smearing his face in lipstick midsong. No doubt there will be those whose very sexual fabric is threatened by such shenanigans, but we defy them to resist the sweet, sweet melodies.
Sat., March 12, 9 p.m., 2011


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