Start hoarding your tinfoil. This is a call to arms. Supernova needs your help­-and not just to stave off the viciously loving attacks by the Smarmies. On Saturday, the Cynotians-that's inhabitants of Cynot 3, the planet Supernova's band members hail from-are rallying the Supernova troops to help a friend who is fighting even bigger enemies: cancer and a fucked-up insurance company. So when you hurl your tinfoil at the three silver-spacesuit-wearin' dudes from Costa Mesa singing about vitamins, Chewbacca and math, you'll also be helping their friend Tony Carbone, mastermind behind the now-defunct Long Beach band Bikeride, pay medical bills Blue Shield rejected-bills that pay for a medication that could save his life. Helping Supernova foil Blue Shield's evil plan are Yo Gabba Gabba! stars and fellow intergalactic evil-stompers the Aquabats! When Aquabania, Cynot 3 and Earth come together for a cause, it'll take more than a shield to stop good from overpowering evil.
Sat., Feb. 2, 7 p.m., 2008


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