Nearly 20 years ago, as sketch comedy was crawling out of its grave, Keenan Ivory Wayans, armed with a nepotistic casting streak and no regard for political correctness, brought In Living Color to the suburban masses. Aside from the Wayans brothers, the show launched the careers of box-office kings Jamie Foxx and Jim Carrey-the inverted Garrett Morris of the '90s!-as well as David Alan Grier. Educated at Yale, Grier was nominated for a Tony in 1981 for his portrayal of Jackie Robinson in The First . On In Living Color , Grier was a part of some of the best duos on the show, including the wildly flamboyant "Men on Film" and "Funky Finger Productions"-perhaps the origins of Emeril's "Bam!"? This weekend, however, Grier is performing a little brick-wall comedy alone. Endlessly enthusiastic, Grier's standup veers all over the map, punctuated by manic yells and hyper impersonations. He even wrote a joke about it. Like to hear it? Here it go . . .
Thu., June 26, 8:30 p.m.; Fri., June 27, 8 & 10 p.m.; Sat., June 28, 7 & 9 p.m.; Sun., June 29, 7 p.m., 2008


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