Skin Food

One of the best parts of going green with body care is that it makes your regime simpler. These homemade methods require so little effort even the laziest can create them. We promise it will leave more time for bathing naked in a stream in all your natural beauty.

Coffee Body Scrub may not even require a trip to the store. Start by brewing a pot of coffee (preferably organic) via French press, Chemex, science laboratory, whatever; once it's finished, put the grounds in a separate container. Submerge about half of the grounds in olive oil and stir. Use it once or twice a week on your body (it will be too abrasive for your face) and discard after a few weeks, when it starts to lose its coffee scent.

Lactic Acid and Lemon Facemask sounds weird, but it will actually make your skin glow. (Important: Don't get any in your eyes!) Begin by opening a yogurt from your fridge; see that milky substance that has formed on the top? Spoon out a few tablespoons of the liquid and place into a separate cup, and then squeeze in half a lemon. Mix and apply to your face. Wash the mask off once it dries; repeat once a week as your only facial exfoliator.

Coconut Oil Moisturizer is self-explanatory. Coconut oil is pretty much great for everything ever, except maybe cooking eggs (and I'm still not sure about oil pulling); it's extremely moisturizing and even complimentary to oily skin. For something less crunchy than taking it straight out of the jar, melt two cups of the stuff and mix in one drop each of lavender essential oil and tea tree oil.

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