Skid Row

The late 1980s were very kind to Skid Row. Sebastian Bach and company preached the gospel of hair metal, and during their glorious hey day, were one of most recognizable bands on the planet. But then came grunge and alternative rock and while their fellow New Jersey brethren Bon Jovi managed to reinvent itself, Skid Row slowly drifted away (and in the process, the band’s recognizable lead singer left for greener pastures). But like with many bands, absence made fans’ hearts grow fonder. While singer Johnny Solinger isn’t quite Bach, Skid Row defied the odds and now soldiers on, despite not having a batch of new material since 2006. With talks of a reunion may seem as far fetched as Bach's pal Axl Rose joining forces with his old outfit, the good times are still rolling on for fans of ‘80s hair metal.
Fri., May 16, 8 p.m., 2014


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