Photo by Jorge Salas RUSHMORE's hero is Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman), a prep-school student whose big dreams include romancing a woman twice his age. Wes Anderson's 1998 film (written with Owen Wilson) features Bill Murray as an industrialist who has reached one of life's cul-de-sacs. "It's an awesome film," says artist Aaron Kraten, who runs Gallery 23 in Costa Mesa and really looks a lot like Schwartzman—especially whilst wearing Dita specs from Shine (Costa Mesa, $110). (He usually wears Gucci frames [$150] purchased from his optometrist. "He told me my cornea is shaped like a football," Kraten says.) Fischer's life is not what it seems: surrounded by the offspring of the fabulously rich, Fischer himself lives with his widower father, a barber. That's why stylist Leah Smith went for discounted clothes with an upscale look: the cotton pants are Dockers from the Gap ($39.50), and the white shirt ($6) and red wool beret ($10) are available at Stateside in Costa Mesa. Smith discovered Kraten's good-conduct medal at nearby Urban Outfitters ($6) and traveled deep into Sears for the schoolboy-fine David Taylor blazer ($55). Kraten is pumping pedals in Bed-Stu loafers from Electric Chair in Costa Mesa ($110). And the prep-school tie? "I couldn't find one I liked anywhere," says Smith, "but then I found this one for a dollar at Salvation Army" (any Salvation Army).

Stylist: Leah Smith


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