Running Dry in the Cove

Depriving people of alcohol is like depriving a child of recess. It’s unnecessarily torturous—not only on those of drinking age but on the economy as well—and leaves the population with idle hands. And we all know what idle hands are. During the 1930s, America’s prohibition period not only caused sweeping states of depression (ironically, the Great Depression occurred near the tail end of it), but also saw a huge influx of crime as the country saw illegal speakeasys developing to wet the palates of thirsty individuals everywhere. Now through September, Crystal Cove State Park is hosting an exhibit titled “Running Dry in the Cove” to help educate people on the impact the prohibition had on the newly established beach community. In this Great Recession, educate yourself on a time when things were a whole hell of a lot worse economically, and folks couldn’t even get drunk to forget about it.
July 10-Sept. 30, 10 a.m., 2009


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