Royal Tenenbaums

ROYAL TENENBAUMS:Here we have the Tenenbaum clan, with Matt Coker (back row, second from left) portraying Gene Hackman's Royal Tenenbaum in a John W. Nordstrom dress shirt ($79.50) and sports coat ($495) from Nordstrom (everywhere); a Jones New York tie ($12) from Marshall's (everywhere); Essential Pants slacks ($85) from Bachrach (Glendale, Canoga Park); fabulous Zyloware eyeglass frames ($80) from Dr. Jeffrey H. Brown Optometry (Costa Mesa); and a martini glass from the exclusive Heather of Irvine Collection. Rudi King does a turn as Ben Stiller's Chas Tenenbaum (back row, second from right), with Chas' young sons (portrayed by Chris Zeigler, left, and Fernando Catania) at his feet. They're all in matching red Puma suits (pants, $35; jacket, $52) from the Puma store (South Coast Plaza) and matching black clown wigs from Costume Castle (Lake Forest). Julie McCallson goes Gwyneth (as in Paltrow, who played Margot Tenenbaum) in a tight little dress ($34.50) from Express (South Coast Plaza). And in front of her is Thomas Van Do, who as Luke Wilson's Richie "Baumer" Tenenbaum is waiting for his pet falcon to return in a dark suit ($459) from J Crew (South Coast Plaza); a vintage pink Izod Lacoste sportshirt ($24) from Urban Outfitters (Costa Mesa); and a Michael Jordan wristband ($6) from Niketown. Rounding out the cast are Dave McKinney (far left) as Danny Glover's Henry Sherman the accountant, Patt Buchanan (standing, center) as Angelica Houston's Etheline Tenenbaum and Mike Niemann (sprawled across the floor) as Owen Wilson's Eli Cash.

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