'Random Acts of Time'

It sounds like a Ballard short story and that’s probably on purpose because this new OCCCA exhibit is a dissection of the subjectivity of time—or maybe the uncaring annihilative capacity of time; depends on who submitted what—across the perception of the individual, memory and culture. Curator (and board member at L.A.’s formidable LACE) William Moreno says these are the questions he wanted to ask: “What have we chosen for ourselves? When has our hand been forced? Where have random or serendipitous events changed our course? When have we triumphed? What have we lost? What have we remembered and forgotten?” Answers received include video work, installation art, photography and more. Don’t miss out—you know how time is about second chances.
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: May 5. Continues through June 23, 2012


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