Rabbit Hole

The Matrix blew a lot of minds upon its 1999 release, with its innovative special effects and a story line that perfectly captured the turn-of-the-century paranoia zeitgeist. Keanu Reeves plays a computer hacker named Thomas Anderson who is plucked from his normal routine by a mysterious band of rebels determined to teach him the truth about the nature of his reality. The movie earned a tremendous amount of money, established its own distinctive aesthetic and science-fiction universe, and generated a lot of excitement and good will among fanboys—which the directing/writing team of the Wachowski brothers proceeded to pretty much squander with the two subsequent weak entries that wrapped up the trilogy. Taken as a stand-alone however, The Matrix remains remarkably entertaining and succinct, an example of a modern classic in science-fiction cinema.
Wed., Oct. 8, 7:30 p.m., 2008


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