Potted Potter

Two zany British thespians, Dan and Jeff, go for the absolute lowest common denominator telling of everybody’s favorite epic about the wizard kid with the lightning bolt on his forehead. Slapstick, puns, inside fan jokes, sound effects, goofy props and silly costumes bring the Harry Potter saga to the extremely small stage in Potted Potter, a peripatetic two-man goof on the most famous Young Adult series of all time. It’s both homage and jolly send-up of all seven books, done in just under seventy minutes. It helps if you know the story of the boy who lived (under the stairs, and then some) and the translation of the Latin Hogwarts motto, but taking a young person and watching them laugh might be joy enough. (Never tickle a sleeping dragon!)
Thu., Nov. 14; Sat., Nov. 16, 2013


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