Plow Boys (and Girls)

Loose-limbed and defiantly upbeat, the Wales-based septet Los Campesinos! play cute indie pop like it's sloppy punk rock, shouting over each other while knocking around the room. And like the Ramones, every bouncy boy and girl in the band has adopted the last name Campesinos!, which, by the way, is Spanish for "farm workers." Combine all that with the fact that they're signed to Arts & Crafts-the label run by Broken Social Scene-and have covered the early Pavement tune "Frontward," and suddenly, this squirrelly bunch are exuding maximum cool. On Hold On Now, Youngster . . . , singer/lyricist Tom Campesinos! leads the troupe through sprawling song titles and ultra-referential lyrics. Live, meanwhile, they've been known to sneak in part of "Box Elder," another early Pavement tune.
Sun., June 8, 7 p.m., 2008


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