Almost thirty years in and NOFX are the band that may as well have invented pop-punk—yes, they didn’t technically invent it, if you wanna go peeling back through decades of outré one-off vinyl, but they sure bent the genre to fit around them. The Toy Dolls tried this in England—fast, freaked-out and ferociously catchy—but NOFX are beyond a doubt the current and likely future kings. In fact, maybe one day Fat Mike will graduate his daughter into a new version of NOFX, so that the Fat bloodline will never die. Newest album Self-Entitled is—get ready for it—a NOFX album, with Fat Mike’s adolescent-profundo perspectives on life, love and humanity’s endless supply of dickheads. Consistent to an inspiring degree? Yup. And unstoppable? So far, yes!
Fri., Dec. 14, 8 p.m., 2012


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