Neil Hamburger and Tim Heidecker

One’s the man who won’t let Taco Bell get away with a damn thing, and the other’s the former editor of Rolling Stone whose career (like so many rock ‘n’ roll songs) was as brief as it was brilliant, which was very. They’re also comedians of some note! But not comedians in the sense in which you know them, where there’s a grubby brick wall and a spotlight or maybe a sitcom on a Tuesday evening at 7:30. Neil and Tim are more like truck drivers once like the knights of old, where they tote heavy loads (of depression and talent) between cities and fight battles (of comedy) for people who adore them and lovingly help groom their horses (or trucks) when necessary. If you’ve never heard of or seen either of these two before, you absolutely need to go to this show, and you should dress up more than you usually do, too.
Sat., Aug. 17, 9 p.m., 2013


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