Nationa Theatre HD: People

The world has 7 billion people, yet only 29 are following you on Twitter. Get with the picture, will ya? Anyway, people are the worst. In playwright Alan Bennett’s theatrical production People, we witness just how terrible as two elderly members of the species discuss how to part with a grand estate they can no longer afford. One, a lady of the church, wants to donate to a National Trust while the other, a model past her prime, would prefer to use the location as a porno set. Watch these characters explore their options using dialogue cleverly disguising metaphors for the decaying British nation and life itself. The production, directed by Nicholas Hytner, screens at the Barclay as part of National Theater, where live plays performed in England are taped and shown around the world.
Thu., April 11, 7:15 p.m., 2013


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